In my last post I talked about “stray dogs in India” and I wrote about their sufferings and I’m sure that many of you who have read that post must have thought about doing something for these poor souls.

 In this post I’m going to introduce everyone to the real heroes who are always there for the real victims. As we already know that there are various organizations for animals, to rescue them, to provide them medical aid, to provide them shelter, to give them protection and love around the world. These organizations work as a team and try their level best to help these poor souls out of their misery. These nongovernmental organizations depend on donations or whatever financial help they receive from donors. Sometimes I feel so contented when I think about these organizations or I see them helping these poor souls! I feel like there is someone out there to help these helpless animals. They are not huge in numbers but with more encouragement and cooperation I think we kan have at least one animal rescue organization in every town around the world! Kan you imagine how much this world will change if that happens.


Guardians of the Voiceless

Few days ago I came across a charitable organization through internet and I was amazed to see their work, that organization’s passionate work compelled me to write a whole post on them in my blog, because I wanted the whole world to see what I’m seeing, I wanted more people to get inspired and to get encouraged to do something for poor helpless animals around them. That organization is “Guardians of the Voiceless”. “Guardians of the Voiceless” is a non-profit Charitable organization in USA currently operating in India, that was formed with an aim of providing education and better health to the less privileged children and to rescue street or stray animals to provide them with shelter and better life. They not only help stray dogs, they help less privileged children and every animal they see in need of help. They become their perfect guardians. For me they are “the real heroes”. Guardians rely on donor funding and volunteer human resources to help the helpless children and animals. GOV is structurally organized as two different organizations, “Guardians of the Voiceless for Children” and “Guardians of the Voiceless for Animals”. Their aim is to promote life and a sense of kindness and responsibility towards animals through holistic education to our upcoming generations.


Guardians of the voiceless


Guardians of the voiceless

Guardians of the Voiceless was founded by Three Great people with a beautiful aim. First is Rajiv Mahajan, with an inexhaustible enthusiasm and unwavering faith, Rajiv has been a great resource to the organization. As the president, he has been on the front line in ensuring that the organization sticks to its core values. He has a lifelong passion for children and upholds education for all. His actions and contribution have greatly influenced the success of GOV. As a CPA, he inspires achievement and success to his team members.


Rajiv Mahajan-Guardians of the Voiceless

Second is Luz Maria Gomez, the vice president, Ms. Maria Gomez is a true reflection of commitment, love and compassion. Her hard work coupled with her love for children and animals propels her to go extra miles for the success of the GOV. She has been the lead promoter of the GOV through social media and other channels. Luz Maria Gomez is also the brain behind the involvement of volunteer children in rescuing, treating and finding a home for them.


Luz Maria Gomez- Guardians of the Voiceless

Third is Pankaj Arora the Operation Director in India. Pankaj primary aim is to raise a compassionate and caring generation by involving children and adolescents in rescuing and helping animals. His roles in the GOV includes responding to emergency calls and offering treatment and care of the injured, ill, or abused animals. Pankaj is also responsible for field coordination of volunteers and the execution of rescue plans.


Pankaj Arora- Guardians of the Voiceless

  I felt so proud after knowing this about the three founders, it is really amazing to know that in this brutal world there are still some people left for doing such great tasks. These three members have dedicated their lives to ensuring that the voice of the voiceless is heard.

The primary goal of the Guardians of the Voiceless is to talk for those who cannot talk for themselves. Their focus is on children and stray animals. Guardians rescuechildren from the pains of poverty and provide them education and the most heart touching thing is that they influence these children these beautiful souls to join their noble cause of rescuing and helping poor helpless animals. Most of these children had at one time faced hopelessness and Guardians have found the act of involving them in animal care to be psychotherapeutic. Guardians aim is to bring the social awareness that like humans, animals too experience pain and need someone to take care of them. The exceptional work that Guardians is doing is worth applauding. I feel so proud and relieved to have angels like them in this cruel world where some beast disguised as humans use inhuman means just to get rid of their pets, they poison them and leave them to die on road! 


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

Guardians through their well trained and equipped team responds to calls on ill, wounded, and abused animals. Depending on the seriousness of the animal condition, Guardians treatthe helpless animal on the street or carries it home for more care. Children and adolescents work in the rescue operation and they treat the animal with great care under the supervision of an elder. Once the animal is treated, it is either released to the streets or given for adoption depending on the circumstance.  It is amazing to see how Guardians handle the wounded animal, they hold the poor animal in their arms, do the medical treatment with so much care that it melts your heart, The team Guardians are angels on earth. 


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

GOV organization depends on donor funding and volunteers to offer services to the vulnerable. Guardians depends on well-wishers to see that the vulnerable receive food, treatment, and other basic needs! Apart from the local volunteers, Guardians welcomes help from abroad from countries such as the United States, France, England and Australia. Guardians of the Voiceless is currently operating in Patiala. It is a city in southeastern Punjab, in northern India. But we need them in every city, in every town of India and not only in India, in other countries too! And I have full faith that we kan do that by providing our full support, dedication and love to the Guardians. We need organizations like them everywhere in the world. They are the best!


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

Guardians makes it their duty to ensure a healthy and a disease free society by offering education on proper animal care and control. For many years, the society cruelty towards sick animals has left these helpless creatures in the hands of merciless individuals. Guardians of the Voiceless aims to end brutality against street animals. With the ongoing war against rabies in India, GOV organization is dedicated to ensuring a rabies free world by curbing the population of stray dogs through sterilization programs. Guardians treats stray dogs to a full recovery to avoid the spread of communicable diseases. Their goal is to eliminate cruelty towards animals while ensuring a healthy and disease free society.


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

GOV offers formal education to the helpless children and equip them with life survival skills. These children involvements in taking care of neglected animals is one way through which Guardians teachethem basic life skills. They take these children from loitering in the streets and engage them in productive and noble causes.  Like humans some animals like dogs and cats need coping skills too and before sending them to an adoption shelter, Guardians trains them to adapt to the new shelters.


Guardians of the Voiceless

 Guardians of the Voiceless believes that the campaign towards fair treatment, love and compassion for the people or animals should be taken beyond borders. GOV organization is currently operating in India and their aim is to expand their campaign to other countries as soon as possible. It is a noble cause and if Guardians has our support with them they kan help every single helpless poor soul on this earth! Guardians gives their love and compassion to the neglected and suffering animals by offering them treatment, care and find them a home too. GOV is in the first line in creating social awareness about the need for taking care of animals. 


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

Guardians of the Voiceless has managed to influence a big number of people to be part of their campaign. According to the Guardians they receive 15 to 20 local calls on injures, abandoned or sick helpless street animals from their network of campaigners. Guardians has managed to build a strong team in their fight for helpless animals.


Guardians of the Voiceless



Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

Guardians has saved so many animals, they have transformed so many furry lives and provided home to so many homeless stray dogs. I am going to share a story of a stray dog “Mitthu the miracle dog”. When I came across this story I could not believe my eyes, I saw the pictures and the dog was half dead when they found him! no one could have thought that he would survive but Guardians made this impossible task possible and today that stray dog Mitthu from Patiala Punjab, India  is in America with his new parents. I know you all must be excited to see “Mitthu the miracle dog” so here is his story.


Guardians of the Voiceless

Few months ago, Guardians rescued a young pup that was near death by the side of the road, he was helpless as his lower body was completely dead, he could not move it, he was in cold and alone in rain, he was malnourished and was covered in wounds infested with maggots. Guardians was completely heartbroken! They were unsure how this happened to him and they did not know if he would survive. Guardians did not hesitate to take him with them and try to nurse him back to health. Guardians knew it would be a long road to recovery for him but they were determined to save his precious life.


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

Guardians fell in love with this sweet boy immediately and so did his new mom, Stacy. She contacted Guardians and told them that she was determined to add Mitthu to her family. Guardians warned her that he may never be able to walk again but she did not care, she only wanted to give sweet Mitthu a chance to be loved.


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

 Guardians continued to work with Mitthu every day, little Guardians were helping too. It is for sure that their healing hands helped this broken boy recuperate. They applied medication and made sure he was eating well. Little by little he gained his weight back and his wounds started to heal. One of his wounds required two surgeries, fortunately the vets took care of that.


Guardians of the Voiceless

 One day Mitthu completely surprised Guardians, he got up and started to walk on his own. It was an incredible feeling to see him standing and walking for the Guardians. Now he runs and play like a happy normal pup should do. 


Guardians of the Voiceless

Few weeks ago Mitthu finally arrived at his new home in the USA with Stacy and her family. They told Guardians that he was so brave when he arrived. He came right out of his crate and into their arms. Now he is at home with his new brothers and sisters. He fits right in!!! 


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless


Guardians of the Voiceless

This story is like an inspiration for all the Animal lovers around the world and a ray of hope for all the poor helpless furry souls who are waiting for angels like Guardians to come forward to help them. Guardians have already won hearts, there are so many other stories where Guardians has done miracles. I really hope that more people will come forward to help Guardians of the Voiceless to spread their circle of help around the world because we really need people like them in our society. I am glad that I got the privilege to write about them in my blog. 


Guardians of the Voiceless





Stray Dogs in India:-


Street Dogs or Stray Dogs are those dogs who don’t have an owner and home, they roam the streets, eat whatever they get, drink drainage water, sleep on wet and concrete floors. People don’t let them sit on their doors. Sometimes people beat them or call animal catchers to get rid of them. The estimated number of stray dogs total worldwide is reported to be more than 200 million according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other reporting bodies. India alone accounts for 30 million stray dogs, more than any other country. Condition of these stray dogs is not very good in India. They are dying.


In this Blog post, i am writing about the street dogs in India. India is a very big country,has so many states and these states have millions  of street dogs! Being from this country myself i have seen so many dogs on streets in bad conditions. Sometimes i feel like crying when i see them lying on concrete floors in dust and mud,drinking drainage water,eating stale food! Even worst some of them don’t even get anything to eat! Some of them spend their day and night without water and food. People beat them,they shout at them and sometimes throw dangerous chemicals at them! When i see them in pity conditions,I feel very helpless,I feel like going up to them and give them a kiss or hug. They look so terrified like they have done something wrong. They look so scared,always running and hiding,finding a place to hide from this brutal world. 


Do you know about summer in India, it is the most difficult phase for people here, it’s really hard to survive the heat waves! Think about these stray dogs trying to survive in this season,some of them die because they are unable to bear the heat. Without water to drink and a roof over their head, they die! This is the reality of street dogs in India. Same goes for the winter in India, when it’s cold out there, these poor street dogs suffer the most! I kan’t even imagine going out of my house on a cold winter evening, because it’s nearly impossible to survive, and these dogs, they sleep on roads! When it is raining,they have no place to go,they just have to sit in the rain and wait for it to stop! But when i see them sitting there,I feel they don’t think much,they don’t complaint,they never show their anger,they have nothing going on their mind…is that true or it’s just me wondering? 


The conditions are very bad, summer and winter are just two aspects of their sufferings. There are plenty of other things to talk about or to worry about. People in India sometimes become so heartless that it almost make them blind,they kan’t see what they are doing. Beating an innocent animal is a total sin. I have seen some dogs with broken jaw, broken legs and deep wounds on their bodies and these wounds clearly tell us that they have got beaten up very badly! I kan’t say everybody in this country is heartless or cruel towards animals but to my experience I have only seen these kind of people so far. I kan’t even imagine to shout at an innocent creature and  beating is like a “never in a million years” kind of thing to me. I sometimes think that what could be the reasons to beat or kill them? 

Street Dogs in India

  As I have already said that not everyone is cruel in this country. There is a small percentage of people who are  or who are willing  to help these poor dogs. There are some organizations which are trying their level best to rescue these dogs and then provide all necessary medical help to them. There are few Facebook groups too. In these groups people come together and make initiatives for this noble task. I have seen some people feed street dogs daily as if it’s their  daily routine. They are doing something good,something worth praising. These organizations and support groups kan do much more better if more people join them. All  we need is support and dedication from people. We kan change the situation together.


The sanitary conditions are very bad here. You kan see heaps of garbage everywhere,and these dogs are eating and living on these garbage heaps. I have seen this and I kan not do anything about it because this is how it works here. We kan only blame the government for this,nobody else. This is the main reason of diseases here,first these dogs eat dirty and stale food and then they fall sick and spread dangerous diseases! 


Roadkill is a very common thing in a country like “INDIA”. I am not trying to shape a bad image of this beautiful country to the world, I am just trying to show this one bad aspect of this country, where we really need to set our focus or I kan say we need to work on that so that these poor innocent souls kan live a safe, healthy and happy life. People are always in a hurry when they are driving on road. As you know stray dogs live on roads and when they try to cross the road, sometimes these vehicles run them over! And above that nobody cares to remove the animal carcass off the road! One after another vehicles come and run over the carcass again and again until the body is completely distorted! How painful is that….I don’t have the courage to even imagine the situation. If we kan put some signboards indicating that “here are some animals in this area please be careful with your driving” maybe it could help a little.

Another big problem these street dogs are facing is violence. These stray dogs are prone to unspeakable violence. Some people with twisted mentalities hurt them in a very sick way, just for their own pleasure. Sometimes children play with them like they are some inanimate object! they put a noose around their necks and drag them. This hurts and it really does. 

These innocent creatures need our help,need our love and support. I don’t think it’s a big task to help an animal in pain or in difficult situation. Sometimes when we are on road we see a dog in bad condition or some children trying to hurt a small puppy or people beating dogs or vehicles trying to run them over! what would you do if you see any of these situations happening in front of you? 


Stop thinking! because it’s time to change the situation and the best you kan do for these innocent souls is help them in every possible way.

Yes You Kan!

Bit of an introduction :-


I know everyone must be thinking about the name of my new Blog “The Real Victims”. Well this is the time to cut the suspense and tell everyone that who the “real victims” are. The real victims are the helpless animals all over the world. These include elephants, wolves, horses, dogs, cats, pigs and even lions and many more! There is so much violence happening against  these beautiful angels! I know it’s not possible for a single person to go around the world to check if any animal is in bad condition or needs help but lot’s of people kan do that for sure if they become aware about all these problems. Animals are not safe in this “world” for sure and you know how because some people have sick mentality! They show their force on these animals. These innocent and beautiful creatures kan’t tell you what they are going through. They need our help! And I am up for it.


 Well the main focus of this Blog is on Dogs. The Dog is a domesticated canid. I am sure that so many people around the world have pets(dogs)  in their homes. I have one too. I feel lucky to have him. Of course we know how adorable they are. They are our family. Nobody pays much attention to this but I want to share that dogs perform many roles for us, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and companionship, and, more recently, aiding handicapped  individuals. Wow! have a look at all these tasks they perform for us(humans). Don’t you think they deserve something in return like little care and love? I know you must be saying that of course we provide care and love to our pets “BUT” think about those who don’t  have a family! a roof over their heads! even a single meal! it’s very sad to even think about this. But we kan change this and I will talk about this matter in my further posts.                                                  Cute-Dog-dogs-33531468-500-500  

Through this blog  I will try to convey my area of thoughts to all the people around the world. I know there are so many people out there who are doing great work for these angels “BUT” there are an equal amount of people who are doing real harm to these angels. There are few NGOs and dog rescue organizations who are trying their best. There has always been a soft spot for animals in my heart since I was born. I was always aware of the cruelty and violence against animals but one day when I came across an article over internet, I was literally shocked! The article was about a wolf who was severely beaten to death by a bunch of people. There was a  video attached to it but  I could not convince myself to watch that video! I cried and from that day on I made up my mind to give a part of my life to these animals. 


One more thing! I think you all must be trying to figure out the mystery behind “KAN”. As you all know that kan is my name and I’m trying to make a change in the world so I want to be that change, I want everyone to be a part of this change, I want everyone to call that change as “KAN”. I just wanted to have a completely different name so I came to this.  As Gandhi has said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. 


The last but not the least! you all must be wondering about what change I’m talking here. Well I’m talking about changing our perception towards animals. Through this blog I will tell you some stories of those dogs who were the victims of the brutality  and how animal rescue teams came to their rescue. Some of the stories are so depressing and sad that  sometimes it becomes difficult to hold your tears. The biggest change I am hoping to get from this blog is to see people helping dogs everywhere they see and not only dogs, all the animals around us. If you ever see someone hurting the little angels, you should raise your voice and do something about it. We will talk about more changes in the further posts. 



And Yes You Kan!